When I was a small child long before I could actually remember, I was told that I liked to eat dirt, not play in it, but eat it.

I know that this is not normal but you must remember I was very young, probably around four years old.

We used to go to my grandparents home on Sundays to have dinner and visit with them and the rest of the family.

During one of these visits the adults were all in the kitchen when my mother noticed I was very quiet in the next room, so she went to check on me.  There I was sitting on the floor eating the dirt from one of the plants.

From what I have been told the plant was leaning a little to one side where I had eaten the dirt and my mouth was covered with it. My mother didn’t laugh as she didn’t want me to think it was funny.

Some years had passed and I guess I was around six,  my cousin and I were in the yard digging with spoons, and I remember this so clearly, I ate some of the dirt from my spoon.  I then told my cousin to try some too.  She did, but suddenly she let out these loud screams and was spitting the dirt from her mouth.  My mother and aunt came running out to see what had happened and of course my cousin did the unthinkable, she told them I made her eat dirt! Needless to say I wasn’t allowed to have a spoon, or dig in the dirt any longer.

My memory doesn’t recall anymore dirt eating instances but I can tell you truthfully to this day I love the skins on the potatoes before they are washed.  So who needs a spoon anyway. Ha ha


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