A Stubborn Little Girl

My first attempt at running away and my last, was probably around six years of age.

I have no idea why I was upset with my mother or why it caused me to want to leave home.

We had this very small black suit case and I put my tee shirts and underpants in it and headed for the door.  My mother said,”where are you going?”

I am running away.

My mother very calmly said, well if you are leaving you can’t take the suit case that is mine, so I proceeded to take the tee shirts and underpants out, but she informed me she had purchased them and I couldn’t take them either.

I thought, I own nothing that belongs to me, (which was a very painful revelation at that tender age) but I am leaving anyway.

Going out the front door my mother asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this and I said yes, and left.

As I went down the front stairs I remember thinking she will miss me.

I stood outside and didn’t know where to go, so I just sat down on the curb in front of the house.  I was unaware that my mother was keeping a close eye on me through the window and had engaged my grandmother who lived next door to do the same.

I just sat there and sat there and sat there.

It was about three hours later though it seemed like an eternity and it was getting dark, which I didn’t like and my stomach’s insides were rumbling so loud that all I could think of was the food in the pantry.

I remember thinking as I climbed the stairs, I didn’t even know why I had gotten so angry.

My mother was standing in the kitchen and asked me if I wanted to live there and I told her yes.  Then she said to me very gently you must never run away again because this is your home and we love you.

My mother gave me a big hug and that was the end of my big adventure.


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