Not Enough Sex

Recently I have been having some lower back pain.

I consider myself a young seventy three.

Really when I say that number it shocks me.

You have to know I have no problem growing older and for most of the time I rather enjoy my life.

I have had early osteoporosis and because of this I have shrunk from five foot seven and a half to five foot five.

That is a lot of shrinkage.  Some times I feel like a shrinky dink.

My doctor informed me that the disks in my back were all compressed together causing lower back pain, so he prescribed that I go for some physical therapy.

Let me go back for a moment and tell you, that many years ago when I was in my late thirty’s I taught an exercise class for a chain of salon’s that were quite popular.

I attended my first visit with a trained therapist and he showed me exercise to strengthen my core. One of the exercises is called a pelvic tilt. For anyone who does not know what this is, a pelvic tilt is the upward motion of your pelvic area if you are lying flat on the floor.

The therapist asked me if I knew what this was and I said yes.  Then in the next breath with an unfiltered mouth, I said I probably should have never stopped having sex and my back would be in better shape.

He burst out laughing and said that is the first time he had ever heard that during a therapy session! He smiled and said, you can still have sex you know.  I said I know but that’s not happening and we both laughed.


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