Read between the sheets

Today I am at the shore visiting my cousin, her cottage sits overlooking the water which is so peaceful and serene.

As I relax, I find myself drawn into childhood memories in which we spent endless hours together, so much time in fact that it was as if we were sisters.

It was ridiculous the amount of hilarity and amusement we shared.

My grandparents owned a home that my parents, myself and my brothers lived in. They were on the first floor and we were on the second.  My cousin lived in another town but stayed at my grandparents so she could go to a better school system.

I had an attic bedroom and loved it, but the moment she arrived, we were inseparable, it was rare that we didn’t have a sleep over every single night!

The attic was our little hide out, we danced, played our music loudly and smoked, (which we most definitely were not allowed to do) that is until we heard scary, strange sounds and would scamper down to her bedroom in a pajama flurry of fear.

When we went to bed at night we would stay awake talking and laughing like most girls do, my grandmother would call out from her bedroom and tell us to “settle down” and go to sleep!  After several warnings, which were totally ignored, she would give us a final warning, and that only made us giggle more.

One particular night my cousin was taking up too much of the bed; when I think back the bed wasn’t really that large, it was only full size.

I told her she was hogging the bed so she decided to draw a line down the middle of the sheet with a big black magic marker.  She said, you stay on your side and I will stay on mine! Are you happy now?  We both burst out laughing.  I said you are going to get in so much trouble; she just chucked louder.

We were crazy like that, not a care in the world.


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