You make my blood rush and my heartbeat

Nothing makes me quite so happy as listening to music.

It makes my soul two-step and my feet boogie as pure joy floods my body.

Slipping through different feelings depending on my mood, delirious giddiness, down right sexy, and even sometimes melancholy, all this from music.

I can still remember the first record I purchased at thirteen, I played it so many times that my mother threatened to take it away! When I say many times, I mean ten to fifteen times in a row.  Poor mom.

Sometimes when I listened to music, I would be singing into a hair brush or curling iron in front of my mirror while I got ready to go out with friends on the weekend. (This tradition was carried on by my daughters)

We danced in parking lots with the Beatles blasting from cars as we cut loose.  The louder, the better, even though my mother would scold me, saying I would most definitely go deaf.

Then my first concert, the music pumped through our bodies, breathtaking light shows, it was all so extraordinary and beyond my wildest imagination.

Of course let’s not forget riding along in your car singing at the top of your lungs like you were famous on the radio, and you just knew you were the best singer at that moment, but just for that moment.

I can remember the very first song that made me feel some kind of emotion it was called “Green Sleeves” and it was so beautiful. At that second my thought was, I have never been in love but when I fall in love, this is what I want it to feel like.

Music has such a strong effect.

Well I did fall in love, but the “green sleeves” didn’t last as long as I would have liked it to, it more or less turned into a Guns and Roses song.


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