Holding My Breath

My oldest daughter was born in Alabama, then we moved to California when she was three months old.

Living in a warm climate allows you the luxury of using a swimming pool nearly all year long.

At the tender age of six months I introduced her to the water.  She loved it immediately.  She would be kicking those little feet as fast as they would go and I would even dunk her under the water for a second or two. She would smile as she surfaced.  I knew right then and there I had a potential swimmer on my hands.

It’s interesting most children learn to swim under water before they swim above.

Unfortunately we moved from California when she was around four and headed to Connecticut.  As you well know, that only leaves a very short season for the pool.

She loved bath time, always wanting to play in the tub before I would wash her.  It became clear to me that she wanted that extra time to go under water.  I asked her why and she said she wanted to hold her breath as long as she could.  Now I have to tell you as a mother, it was a little nerve racking as she would lay on her back in the tub, under the water, her eyes wide open looking up at me and her hair just floating all around her head. The strange thing was she never moved at all while lying there, like a doll under water.  At one point while watching her I could not see any bubbles so I pulled her up.  I can laugh now because it all seems so funny,  but trust me not at that time.  Well she informed me that she was still holding her breath and I was not allowed to pull her up.  Truthfully I have to say she could hold her breath for very long periods and kept practicing until she stayed under longer and longer.

As she got older she became a very strong swimmer.  We were fortunate to have a pool where we lived and that little girl of mine never wanted to leave it, so much so, she always had shriveled hands and toes upon finally being dragged out after endless hours, in the dark, with a sullen expression as though she had only been allowed a hour.

It was no surprise to me that she ended up moving to California when she was twenty three.

Living on the west coast today she is still that strong swimmer and also an aspiring surfer.

On a side note: She was born in March which is a water sign.  There is the answer, I gave birth to a fish not a little girl… just kidding.


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