Seven foot tall

My grandmother was a wonderful women with a great sense of humor.

Apparently she seemed very tall to me at a young age because while writing this blog, I initially wrote she was seven foot tall. I nearly cried laughing while editing it. She was 5′ 8″ and heavy set.

I loved her and spent quite a bit of time in her company, though she was a very opinionated woman and sometimes we clashed.  A little too much alike.

She would frequently embarrass me, even though it was most definitely not intentional.

We rode the bus together when heading to New Haven where we both worked. Gram would pack a small lunch in a brown bag, which usually contained one orange, one apple and jello.

That morning as we were on the bus, it stopped to pick up more people and gram’s brown bag fell to the floor as all the fruit rolled down the aisle!  Well naturally people smiled, but I was once again embarrassed to be with gram.  I retrieved the fruit a quickly as possible with a rosy, flushed face.

Another thing she did and this was probably the worst: She was getting a little hard of hearing so when she thought she was whispering she really wasn’t.

Gram and I were sitting in the front of the bus which had these long side seats that held about four or five people. They were directly across from each other.  That day the seats were full and that is when gram decided to poke me in the side and say, ” I’m not as heavy as that woman over there am I ?” Oh God let me die, I prayed!  She thought she was whispering and she was not. The woman just gave her a dirty look and some people smiled because they knew she thought she was speaking softly.

Having a weight problem herself, she was a bit self conscious.  Oh well that was gram, but I still loved her.


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