A Front Row Experience

One of my best blessings was the day my first child was born, words can never express that feeling.  Even better, was being blessed a second time three and a half years later with another daughter.

I loved being a mother and raising two fabulous daughters.

A third blessing came when my youngest daughter got married and had a little boy.

Being a mother is priceless but becoming a grandmother is definitely the frosting on the cake.

The three of us lived together so I didn’t just have the joy of being a grandparent once in a while, but everyday!

There are so many funny stories with my grandson Matthew and I. (Oh by the way he always calls me Nana)

One story was the first time I took him to church with me, he was around four.  He wanted to sit right up front in the first row, God help me.

Let me back up a moment, we had a kitchen table that had a screw missing, but the table was sturdy enough.

This particular Sunday we were in the first row, the priest had just finished his homily and went to sit for a moment, so we could all reflect on what was said.

I had not noticed that Matthew had gotten down on the floor, then proceeded to stand up on the kneeler. He had a big smile on his face and exclaimed very loudly, “Look Nana I found a screw for our table!”

You could have heard a pin drop before his great treasure find.

The priest had a smile on his face and I could hear a few chuckles from parishioners.  I couldn’t help smiling myself but after services were over I explained to Matthew that the screw belonged to the kneeler and we could not take it home.

So much for the front row seats.


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