First Kiss

Remembering the age of one’s first kiss is not that difficult. At least not for me. (big smile)

My interest in kissing was piqued as my cousin and I talked about it all the time.

What would it feel like and how do you learn to kiss?

My cousin came up with this great idea.

We could use our bed pillows to practice on.  So that’s what we did, grabbing our pillows, laughing as we went along, we placed our arms around the pillow pretending it was that first lucky boy.  

We were about eleven or twelve.

The only problem with kissing an inanimate object; it was hard to really get the actual feeling that it was someone’s face.  

My cousin, was the pack leader, and she got her first kiss way before I did.  

I still remember mine though.  We belonged to a youth group at our church that met once a week, and it was there that we met these two brothers that we both liked instantly.  

The feelings were mutual and the boys asked if they could walk us home after the meetings.  We would walk and talk to each other and the next thing, we were holding hands. I thought how nice it was and this continued for many weeks.

Finally one particular  night when we reached my house, my friend asked  if he could kiss me.

I said yes.

It only lasted a second, but I knew instantly this was not for me.  I actually told him that I didn’t like it and he said he didn’t either!

We remained hand holding friends.  

The actual kiss didn’t come until I was fifteen.  

A late bloomer.


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