Lesson learned

There were many times that my grandson and I traveled to Sparta, New Jersey to visit family when he was very little.  His mother had to work most nights, so it was our special time together.

The moment that Matthew was strapped into his car seat and I started the vehicle, he would wave good bye to his mom and off we would go on our journey. Usually within a minute or so, he would be fast asleep and for the most part would sleep all the way to Jersey. (some traveling companion)

It usually took about three hours or so depending on traffic.

On one particular trip, we couldn’t have been on the road for more than an hour when someone cut in front of me so severely, I yelled, “YOU ASSHOLE!”

Matthew sat straight up in his car seat and said, “Nana where is the asshole?”

Oh. My. God.

I  quickly said “He’s gone.”

Then he said, “Where did the asshole go?”

Like. A. Parrot.

I repeated,  “I don’t know, he’s just gone.”

Finally, thank goodness, he fell back to sleep.

Oh God, I am thinking I sure hope he doesn’t say that word again, and at the same time thinking my daughter is probably going to want to KILL me for saying that in front of him.

Three days later we returned home from our trip and I immediately explained to my daughter what I had said in the car.  She asked if he repeated it again and thankfully I said no.

He had forgotten the word.

He was around five years old at that time and I leaned a valuable lesson. You have to watch your words around children, especially when you think they are sleeping.


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