The Good Old Days

When I graduated from high school in 1960, there were over four hundred students, which was considered a very large class.

During the four years I attended school, I would say I probably knew most of the 400 plus under graduates.  If I didn’t know them personally, at least I knew them by sight.

After graduating and eventually getting married, I moved away from Connecticut, so it was a long time before I actually got to see any of my class mates again.

I went back for my ten year class reunion. It was quite lovely!

We were all still young enough that it was easy to remember faces.

I lived in California for many years before my family and I moved back to Connecticut.

As we all get on with life, we try to keep in touch with friends, but with each passing year it becomes harder as children and responsibility take a front seat on the journey.

And with a wave of a magic wand, time vanished and it was our fifty year reunion.

I decided to go.

I had been in touch with a dear friend from school on Facebook, who was also going to attend.  I was really excited to see her and we agreed to meet outside of the convention center and go in together.

I hate being late so I arrived quite early and was sitting in my car.  While waiting, my daughter from California called and asked me if I was excited? I said yes! As we were talking, I said, I think they must be having another function at the convention center other than our class reunion, and my daughter asked why I thought that, I said there are a lot of elderly people going into the center. She chuckled and said mom, those are probably your class mates.  Then we both broke out laughing. Snort worthy, belly aching laughter.

My friend arrived looking fabulous and we headed in.

After fifty years, it was not so easy to remember faces anymore, but it was easy to reconnect. Faux bravado and concern over monetary trappings had disappeared, in it’s place, comfort with in our vessels, some had worn out faster than others, but that was now a symbol of a life well lived. The Good old days were now filled with great, new ones.


2 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. I have yet to attend a class reunion, but you make it sound fun, and comforting to reconnect with friends from my past. Thanks for sharing, Linda!


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