I was married at twenty four years of age, turning twenty five, three months later.

A late bloomer for most things.

It’s not that I didn’t date or have lots of male friends, there just didn’t seem to be that special one, until I met him.

Thought it would last forever.

Thirteen years and two children later it ended, sadly enough.  We only knew each other for one month when we married, not very good odds.

With therapy and two years divorce classroom, I gave it another whirl.

One year.

I felt like those movies stars with a short term marriages, that’s when I decided to remain single.

My friends kept saying, you will find Mr. Right.

My response was, if I do, put me in lock up so I can’t get married again.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and I wished I could have been blessed once more. Either I didn’t have the right formula or I just wasn’t marriage material.

Don’t feel sorry for me being single, I am truly happy!   My grown children bring much joy to my life plus a fabulous grandson who is twenty five. Many beautiful friends, God and a blessedness of life.

Come to think of it, I have a great love life!

So, if your lemonade didn’t come out exactly as you wanted, just add some more sugar.


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