The Thief

Recently there has been a tooth brush thief in the house.

Since there are only two of us that live here, this should be easy to solve.

Two weeks ago my daughter said, “Mom did you take my tooth brush?”  I was shocked to find when I had packed my over night bag for the shore, I had inadvertently grabbed hers instead of mine.

I apologized.

She replaced it with a new one and said yours is green and mine is pink.


This is really out of character for me since I am a little picky.

Oh all right, a lot picky about where things go.

What I mean to say, is I like everything orderly and neat.

Okay…  actually, I am like “Sleeping with the Enemy” when it comes to neatness.

Today I was rushed more than normal and had just started to brush my teeth, when my daughter said, “MOM I can’t believe it you used my new tooth brush again!”

Honestly I burst out laughing even though it wasn’t really funny, but I could hardly believe I had done it a second time.

I am now banned from the tooth brush holder and I will be keeping my tooth brush in the medicine cabinet over the sink.

This is the only way to keep me from any more tooth brush thefts.


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