Sugar Sugar

My mother used to say, “Amazing, she could find a piece of cake even if it were a week old!”

She was referring to me like I was a blood hound in pursuit.

I was.

I have had a sweet tooth since my earliest memories. I love sweets, with no particular favorites, you name it, I love it. Cake, cookies, pie, candy, ice cream, any thing with sugar.

A funny incident when I was a freshman in high school comes to mind.

We had split sessions, so freshman went to class the second half of the day. We wouldn’t finish until it was close to dinner hour, by then I was starving, so I would grab a candy bar on my way home.

I always made sure I had wiped my mouth clean from any chocolate, so I wouldn’t get in trouble.

You should know, eating this candy did not affect my appetite at all.

As I arrived home from school one night, My mother said, “You shouldn’t be eating candy before dinner.”

I was puzzled.

How do you know I ate chocolate?

She said, “Every time you come home, the first thing you do is drink water,  you are thirsty from eating candy.”

She was right.

My mom was quite sharp.


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