No Middle Name

My youngest daughter was a very cheerful baby, always smiling and waving to people.

Many people come up to you when your children are little and tell you how cute or how adorable they are as babies or toddlers.

There was a time when she was around five and asked me, “What’s my middle name?”

Where that question came from I had no idea, it seemed odd for someone so little to ask that.

“You don’t have a middle name I never gave you one.”  Then I asked her what she wanted her middle name to be and without one bit of hesitation she said Happy.

“I want my middle name to be Happy.”

I said well that’s really not a name, but she insisted that she was going to call herself Caryn Happy Prockter.

We were living in California at the time and her initials would have been CHP.

California Highway Patrol.

She never did get Happy for a middle name.

Truth be told I should have done it, however it may not be too late. She is an artist and a writer, signing her work with CH.


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