The Wrong Buttons

Thinking about this blog, which I started a month ago, it really seems to be coming along quite nicely.

I have no problems coming up with things to write about, that is the easy part.

Knowing how to use my iPad; well that is not my particular forte.

I learn more and more each day.

My daughter, who lives three thousand miles away in California, is quite good with the computer and is doing the editing for my blogs and future publications of books that I’ve written.

Truth be known. I have made quite a few mistakes by pushing the wrong buttons on the iPad and all her editing has been in vain, having to start all over again.

Recently while she was speaking with her friend, he said I don’t know how you do it, I would probably want to kill my mother.

Her response was I don’t think my mom will die from a heart attack if I have anything to do about it.

Of course she was joking… hmmm, I sure hope?

We use the word “kill” in my family which is politically incorrect.

My girls grew up hearing that word just like the word hello.

I am not particularly proud of that fact but it is true.

I suppose most people would find that alarming or that I was an unfit mother.

I wouldn’t use that word the same way today, but raising two girls on my own was not always an easy task, so the “kill” word was the equivalent of “get in line or else”.

It would be like the last straw, type of word.

Thank God they didn’t transfer this word outside the house with friends or in school, or any where for that matter.

Seriously though, my girls have turned out wonderful and I am very proud of them.

No jail cells in my future, LOL! (Which means laughing out loud.)


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