One hundred

How old is old?

Isn’t really just a number?

When I was much younger I thought thirty was old, but as I approached thirty it didn’t seem very old any longer.

Forty seemed young and fifty, isn’t that where life begins?

Sixty seemed as though you still looked great.

Hmmm, now seventy, what is that like?

Well I will tell you.

Once you get up in the morning and get all the kinks and stiffness out by taking a nice hot shower, everything is better.

It seems to take a little longer to put on the makeup and do the hair. That’s alright I have plenty of time.

You get up at night more because you have to pee frequently. Keeps me spry and toned.

And it was easier to cheat without the eye glasses. Not any longer, but that means during scary movies I don’t need to squint. Winning.

Some days I feel like I am in my thirty’s and others in my future nineties.

The real secret… is the attitude, being happy and trying to find a lot of laughter in your life, that’s the clue.

Do crazy things now that your older, no one cares! They just say it’s the age. “Laughing”

Wear colors you never tried before, eat something new, change your hair, say hi to people you don’t know.

Put some spice in your life.

Maybe join a group of some sort.  Sing out loud in the car.  Smile at everyone and see who smiles back.

Try to relax and not be on a schedule.

Watch comedy shows on t.v., read a good book, go to a funny movie.

Eat chocolate and drink wine together.

Personally, I am looking forward to celebrating my one hundred year birthday with cake.


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