Monster Monster

My daughter and I were talking with each other on the phone last night and I mentioned ” The Closet Monster is following me” and she burst out laughing.

I hadn’t thought how funny that sounded.

One of my favorite people that I follow, is called “Deborah the Closet Monster”, and that is what I was referring to, but it came out all wrong when I said it.

That got me to thinking about the words we use and how they can be interpreted.

Many of the things we say have different meanings.

If I said for instance, I ran into a friend of mine today, it doesn’t really mean that I physically ran into her, rather that we happened to meet each other by chance.

Sometimes you hear someone say, I was scared stiff, well I personally never have seen anyone go stiff, at least not from being scared.

So you see what I am talking about, right?

So there was no real monster following me from the closet, but now that I think back, maybe when I was little I saw it.



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