To salt or not to salt

I was married for only about six months and had very little experience cooking, so you can imagine my horror when my husband said we were going to have company for dinner the following night.

He had invited a business client that was visiting, thinking it would be nice to have him over for dinner.

I had always tried to watch my mom cook, but she was one of those people that didn’t want anyone in the kitchen when she was working.

I have to say she was a fabulous cook, but unfortunately she did not pass on her skills.

By watching once in a while, I learned to cook by trial and error.

Well back to the company.

I figured the easiest thing to cook would be a roasted chicken.

I remember my mother used to rub the inside of the chicken with salt after she washed it, so I proceeded to wash the chicken and rub the cavity with plenty of salt.

I made vegetables and I even managed to make gravy!

The gentleman arrived and we  all had a drink before dinner.

He was a lovely man from Germany and was thrilled to have a home cooked meal.

When we all sat down to dinner, as I ate the chicken I noticed that it seemed very salty.

I had put water glasses at each of our settings and I drank mine right away.

I was hoping no one else noticed the salty taste.

Our visitor complimented me on the dinner and I sheepishly said thank you, but then I noticed that our guest and my husband were drinking all their water and asked for more.

Oh God.

They taste the salt too.

No one said one word about it, but I was so embarrassed.

After the evening was over and our guest left I burst into tears and said to my husband everything was a disaster.

My husband being kind said,  “Oh no, every thing was delicious!”  I said it was so salty that it tasted awful, and his response was. “Not at all, it was just a little salty.”

We drank a lot of water the next day for something that was a “little” salty.

Over the years I learned to be a wonderful cook, but that first dinner with company was just a bit salty.


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