Shark Week

With Halloween just around the corner, it brings back memories of my grandson Matthew.

All little children love this holiday and he was no different.

My daughter and I would always take him to purchase a costume.

I remember one costume in particular that he loved, it was a shark.

There was a rubber head for the shark and then some material attached for the body.  It was all one piece and when he put it on, we were laughing so hard.

There were no arms, so it looked like a real shark!

He wore it for Halloween and just loved it.

After the holiday was over he continued to wear his costume around the house. This was not the first time, he had done it before with other costumes.

The following week I needed to go to the grocery store and took Matthew. He ran into his room and came out in the shark costume.

I couldn’t help but giggle inside a little.

“Are you sure you want to wear the shark costume to the store?” The answer was “Yes!”

Oh my.

We arrived at the store and I put him in the shopping cart seat. As we walked through the aisles and he was speaking to me through this shark head. It was so funny  that people were smiling and saying how cute.

Then he wanted animal crackers.

Out came the arms from the bottom, to take the crackers, and go back under, to be eaten.

I have to say that was one of the cutest memories of my grandson in costume.

So you see it really doesn’t matter holiday or not, costumes are always in, and Shark week has a different meaning in our family.


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