Joy and grand-nieces

This weekend I had the pure joy of seeing my grand nieces.

Kylie is five and Kiera is a little over two years.

I hadn’t seen them in well over a year.

My youngest brother (their grandpa) passed away three years ago from pancreatic cancer.

He knew his oldest granddaughter well, but was never here to meet the youngest.

Seeing and spending time with my sister-in-law and niece was fabulous, but the time spent with these two little ones was so wonderful.

When I first saw them, Kylie of course remembered me, but the little one did not  and she gave me a sheepish smile.  After we all got settled in our rooms at the hotel, we went to the pool to have some fun.

Kylie has learned to swim and was very anxious to show me.  Just adorable.

She is quite good for such a young age.  The little one, Kiera, had a floating device on and was kicking and splashing like crazy.  I was having so much fun.

Kylie kept saying, “Watch Aunt Linda, watch Aunt Linda!”  Then Kiera started to call me Aunt Linda also.  My heart was full.

The joy of spending time with my brother’s grandchildren was overwhelming.

I know he was watching all of us.

Life goes on even with losses but we must always find the joy to keep the memories alive.

This weekend was that moment for me.


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