Good night Roy

My cousin lives at her summer home in Guildford overlooking the water, a breath taking sight.

She happened to be away one weekend and asked if I wanted to stay at the cottage, and I said sure.

She had scheduled a massage where she was a regular customer.  “Take the massage it is all paid for and enjoy.”

Now that’s a really nice cousin who does those things.

I arrived to spend a quiet weekend at the cottage, do some reading, lay on the beach and just relax.

After a wonderful night’s sleep with a sea breeze and the smell of the ocean, I woke feeling terrific.

Later in the morning I headed out to the woman’s house where my cousin went for her massages.

When I arrived she greeted me with a friendly smile.

She had a lovely set up.

My cousin had told her a little about me.  We chatted and got along really well, she found me funny and I loved her personality.

In one of the conversations, she said I know this really nice man and I would love you to meet him.  I thanked her, but I said in all honesty, I don’t date any longer.

She asked why and I said I know it sounds awful, but I just can’t be bothered with the whole scene.

She and her boyfriend were going out for a drink later and she said why don’t you join us.  I can invite this gentleman and you can see, no harm in just talking as friends.

Well, against my better judgement, I let her and her boyfriend pick me up to go out for a couple of drinks and meet this man.

When we arrived at the restaurant bar she introduced me to Dale.  He was a very nice man and the four of us sat and talked, while listening to the band playing.

Don’t get me wrong he was a lovely man, just not my type.

We all had fun, regardless of how I was feeling.  The music seemed to get louder as the people drinking also seemed to go up in volume.

After two hours I asked my new friends if they wouldn’t mind taking me home, but they wanted to stay. Dale offered as he also wanted to leave.

He drove me back to my cousin’s cottage and I said, “Good night Roy” and thanked him for the ride.  He said good night and went on his way.

When I got inside the cottage I thought oh no, I just called him Roy and his name was Dale!

Then I started to laugh because the name Dale reminded me of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; famous cowboys from years ago that were in movies.

That is why I called him Roy.

I felt bad but I couldn’t help giggling about it.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t date, you never know what name I might come up with.


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