Don’t go back to sleep

The memory of my mother telling me what a mischievous child I was, is quite funny now, but I am sure my mother did not find it as amusing back then.

She told me about the time that I climbed into my brother Bob’s crib, and cut his hair. She said I had taken chunks of hair out which made him look like he had some kind of disease.

Poor Bobby, good thing he was a baby.

Then there was the ink incident.  I some how got a hold of the bottle of ink and took it to the crib, then poured it over Bobby’s head.

Oh my.

I wish she had taken a picture. Joking.

Then I washed my hair in the toilet.  Who knew I had such great hygiene habits at such a young age.

My mother decided to go back to sleep one morning.  Bobby was in his crib and I was in the bed with my mother.  Poor woman she just wanted a little more sleep.

Big mistake.

When she woke she found Bobby and I in the kitchen, on the floor stirring flour, sugar and water, as happy as could be.

She said she picked Bobby up and put him in his crib, then removed me from the mess.  I asked her if she spanked me and she said no.

She said, “I was in such shock when I saw the two of you sitting in the middle of this mess, all I could do was remove the two of you to clean up, and by the time I finished, I was too tired to be mad.”


Well that was the last time she went back to bed in the morning.  

I sure cured her of going back to sleep.


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