Special effects and the bionic woman

Some days very strange things happen our way.

I was driving from a visit with my cousin, nearly home, when I saw a bright red car in the outside lane moving very fast.

As he sped along the side my car, passing on the left, I could see something flapping.

He was only a little bit in front of me when THE-WHOLE-REAR-BUMPER ripped off the back of his vehicle, and went flying in the air… RIGHT-OVER-MY-CAR!

Oh. My. God!

I could not believe my eyes.

It was like a special effects movie.

Thank goodness that bumper went over me and not into me.

This was a big flash back in time, to 1978, when I was traveling on interstate I 84 heading to Hartford, Connecticut.

A truck tire with the full rim, was in the passing lane of the highway and by the time it was visible, it was too late.

I hit it with my car.

I was only going forty miles in a fifty mile zone.

Upon hitting the tire, I was air borne.

The next thing I heard was this awful crack of my wrist and forearm… breaking apart.

After surgery and a metal implant in my right arm, it was almost a year before I could drive again.

I did get a cool nick name though, my kids call me the bionic woman.

So you can imagine this bumper flying over my car was like a bad dream reinventing itself.

But I I believe in angels.

Mine, I am sure has been pretty busy taking care of me all these years.

That angel of mine sure has had a big job, <laughing>.


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