Don’t go back to sleep

The memory of my mother telling me what a mischievous child I was, is quite funny now, but I am sure my mother did not find it as amusing back then.

She told me about the time that I climbed into my brother Bob’s crib, and cut his hair. She said I had taken chunks of hair out which made him look like he had some kind of disease.

Poor Bobby, good thing he was a baby.

Then there was the ink incident.  I some how got a hold of the bottle of ink and took it to the crib, then poured it over Bobby’s head.

Oh my.

I wish she had taken a picture. Joking.

Then I washed my hair in the toilet.  Who knew I had such great hygiene habits at such a young age.

My mother decided to go back to sleep one morning.  Bobby was in his crib and I was in the bed with my mother.  Poor woman she just wanted a little more sleep.

Big mistake.

When she woke she found Bobby and I in the kitchen, on the floor stirring flour, sugar and water, as happy as could be.

She said she picked Bobby up and put him in his crib, then removed me from the mess.  I asked her if she spanked me and she said no.

She said, “I was in such shock when I saw the two of you sitting in the middle of this mess, all I could do was remove the two of you to clean up, and by the time I finished, I was too tired to be mad.”


Well that was the last time she went back to bed in the morning.  

I sure cured her of going back to sleep.


Good night Roy

My cousin lives at her summer home in Guildford overlooking the water, a breath taking sight.

She happened to be away one weekend and asked if I wanted to stay at the cottage, and I said sure.

She had scheduled a massage where she was a regular customer.  “Take the massage it is all paid for and enjoy.”

Now that’s a really nice cousin who does those things.

I arrived to spend a quiet weekend at the cottage, do some reading, lay on the beach and just relax.

After a wonderful night’s sleep with a sea breeze and the smell of the ocean, I woke feeling terrific.

Later in the morning I headed out to the woman’s house where my cousin went for her massages.

When I arrived she greeted me with a friendly smile.

She had a lovely set up.

My cousin had told her a little about me.  We chatted and got along really well, she found me funny and I loved her personality.

In one of the conversations, she said I know this really nice man and I would love you to meet him.  I thanked her, but I said in all honesty, I don’t date any longer.

She asked why and I said I know it sounds awful, but I just can’t be bothered with the whole scene.

She and her boyfriend were going out for a drink later and she said why don’t you join us.  I can invite this gentleman and you can see, no harm in just talking as friends.

Well, against my better judgement, I let her and her boyfriend pick me up to go out for a couple of drinks and meet this man.

When we arrived at the restaurant bar she introduced me to Dale.  He was a very nice man and the four of us sat and talked, while listening to the band playing.

Don’t get me wrong he was a lovely man, just not my type.

We all had fun, regardless of how I was feeling.  The music seemed to get louder as the people drinking also seemed to go up in volume.

After two hours I asked my new friends if they wouldn’t mind taking me home, but they wanted to stay. Dale offered as he also wanted to leave.

He drove me back to my cousin’s cottage and I said, “Good night Roy” and thanked him for the ride.  He said good night and went on his way.

When I got inside the cottage I thought oh no, I just called him Roy and his name was Dale!

Then I started to laugh because the name Dale reminded me of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; famous cowboys from years ago that were in movies.

That is why I called him Roy.

I felt bad but I couldn’t help giggling about it.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t date, you never know what name I might come up with.

Putting the book together

The book with mother and daughter was quite a process.

A lot of fun and a lot of stress.

I was never following directions as I should have and then I would burst out laughing which would calm Bobby Sue down, because really how can you stay upset with some one laughing?

I have to give her so much credit for putting up with me during the process.

My brain goes so fast sometimes that I don’t always hear the full sentence before I answer or react.  I would definitely say I am hyper active.

This is what some of our text message’s looked like at the end.

Daughter, “Hit a glitch, Grrrr, trying. Don’t know why it’s not formatting.”

Me, “Honey, if you can’t get it up tonight don’t worry.”

Daughter, “Blog done.  Give me a call.”

8:45pm East Coast: Me, “I am going to bed.  Tired, will talk tomorrow, love you xxxooo.”

Daughter, “Okay love you!!!! Talk to you in morning!! ”

9:25pm West Coast:  Daughter, “Your book is live and good!!!  I had to do one more edit.  So it should be good by morning!”

5:50am West Coast/ 8:50am East:  Me, “IT LOOKS FABULOUS.  I can never thank you enough for all the love and work you have put in for my first book to be published.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Love mom.”

Daughter 7:13am West Coast, “Just waking up” “One person purchased your book.”

Me, “Wow that’s great.  Wow your the best.

Daughter,” Order is ready at staples.” (business cards my daughter designed for me)

Me, “I can never express how grateful I am to you for making this day come true for me.  Love you Bobby Sue.”

Daughter, “It’s all good mom!!!! I’m happy your happy!!!”

My First e-Book

Today my first book has been published on Amazon Kindle e-Books!

This could not have been possible except for all the hard work my daughter Bobby Sue did, editing and getting it set up for this day.

Thank you honey.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have been following me on my blogging on, twitter, and LinkedIn.

Words cannot express my excitement today!

Here is the link:

This is the first book in a series of three with two more to follow.

Hope everyone who reads the book enjoys it.

Thank you so much.

Joy and grand-nieces

This weekend I had the pure joy of seeing my grand nieces.

Kylie is five and Kiera is a little over two years.

I hadn’t seen them in well over a year.

My youngest brother (their grandpa) passed away three years ago from pancreatic cancer.

He knew his oldest granddaughter well, but was never here to meet the youngest.

Seeing and spending time with my sister-in-law and niece was fabulous, but the time spent with these two little ones was so wonderful.

When I first saw them, Kylie of course remembered me, but the little one did not  and she gave me a sheepish smile.  After we all got settled in our rooms at the hotel, we went to the pool to have some fun.

Kylie has learned to swim and was very anxious to show me.  Just adorable.

She is quite good for such a young age.  The little one, Kiera, had a floating device on and was kicking and splashing like crazy.  I was having so much fun.

Kylie kept saying, “Watch Aunt Linda, watch Aunt Linda!”  Then Kiera started to call me Aunt Linda also.  My heart was full.

The joy of spending time with my brother’s grandchildren was overwhelming.

I know he was watching all of us.

Life goes on even with losses but we must always find the joy to keep the memories alive.

This weekend was that moment for me.

Shark Week

With Halloween just around the corner, it brings back memories of my grandson Matthew.

All little children love this holiday and he was no different.

My daughter and I would always take him to purchase a costume.

I remember one costume in particular that he loved, it was a shark.

There was a rubber head for the shark and then some material attached for the body.  It was all one piece and when he put it on, we were laughing so hard.

There were no arms, so it looked like a real shark!

He wore it for Halloween and just loved it.

After the holiday was over he continued to wear his costume around the house. This was not the first time, he had done it before with other costumes.

The following week I needed to go to the grocery store and took Matthew. He ran into his room and came out in the shark costume.

I couldn’t help but giggle inside a little.

“Are you sure you want to wear the shark costume to the store?” The answer was “Yes!”

Oh my.

We arrived at the store and I put him in the shopping cart seat. As we walked through the aisles and he was speaking to me through this shark head. It was so funny  that people were smiling and saying how cute.

Then he wanted animal crackers.

Out came the arms from the bottom, to take the crackers, and go back under, to be eaten.

I have to say that was one of the cutest memories of my grandson in costume.

So you see it really doesn’t matter holiday or not, costumes are always in, and Shark week has a different meaning in our family.

To salt or not to salt

I was married for only about six months and had very little experience cooking, so you can imagine my horror when my husband said we were going to have company for dinner the following night.

He had invited a business client that was visiting, thinking it would be nice to have him over for dinner.

I had always tried to watch my mom cook, but she was one of those people that didn’t want anyone in the kitchen when she was working.

I have to say she was a fabulous cook, but unfortunately she did not pass on her skills.

By watching once in a while, I learned to cook by trial and error.

Well back to the company.

I figured the easiest thing to cook would be a roasted chicken.

I remember my mother used to rub the inside of the chicken with salt after she washed it, so I proceeded to wash the chicken and rub the cavity with plenty of salt.

I made vegetables and I even managed to make gravy!

The gentleman arrived and we  all had a drink before dinner.

He was a lovely man from Germany and was thrilled to have a home cooked meal.

When we all sat down to dinner, as I ate the chicken I noticed that it seemed very salty.

I had put water glasses at each of our settings and I drank mine right away.

I was hoping no one else noticed the salty taste.

Our visitor complimented me on the dinner and I sheepishly said thank you, but then I noticed that our guest and my husband were drinking all their water and asked for more.

Oh God.

They taste the salt too.

No one said one word about it, but I was so embarrassed.

After the evening was over and our guest left I burst into tears and said to my husband everything was a disaster.

My husband being kind said,  “Oh no, every thing was delicious!”  I said it was so salty that it tasted awful, and his response was. “Not at all, it was just a little salty.”

We drank a lot of water the next day for something that was a “little” salty.

Over the years I learned to be a wonderful cook, but that first dinner with company was just a bit salty.