Sleep Walker

Thinking back, I was trying to remember the first time my mom told me that I was a sleep walker.

Mom said it was when we lived upstairs from my grandparents.

I was in bed for the night when all of a sudden my grandmother called to my mom and said, “Linda is down here and you need to come get her.”

She and my grandfather were reading in the living room, when all of a sudden I burst in on them, only to go sit on a chair.

Grandma spoke to me but I did not answer, that is when she called mom.

They didn’t know what to make of it at first, but quickly realized I was sleep walking.

Mom told me when I was around eight, they had company one night and I came out of my bedroom looking like I was awake but was sleep walking.

Apparently I started touching the wallpaper that had flowers on it, of course she was embarrassed and took me back to bed.

I guess I was trying to pick the flowers. (Lol)

All joking aside, I was not happy about it.

The next incident happened a few months later.  I woke on a Saturday morning to my mom saying take a look in the living room.

I walked in and the couch was filled with bed sheets and blankets.

I said, “What happened?” My mom said, “You decided to strip your brothers’ beds while they were in them.”

This really upset me.

Although funny, it was hard for me to believe I could do all this in my sleep.

It was even funnier that my brothers were such sound sleepers that they never woke up.

Then the worst possible thing occurred.

Mom or dad always locked the doors at night before we all went to bed.

This one particular night, I woke up and I was sitting on the back porch.

You can’t imagine how scary that was.

I quickly went back up the stairs and went to bed. In the morning I told my parents what had happened.  After that, they had to hide the key.

This went on for quite a few years.

When I got married I had to tell my husband so he wouldn’t be scared, but it never happened again.

Well, not to me anyway.

My oldest daughter went to the bathroom one night and I caught her just before she used the trash can, which she thought was the toilet.

Oh no.

Then my younger daughter tried to go in the closet thinking it was the bathroom.


One night my two daughters and myself all got up at the same time to go to the bathroom, sleep walking into each other in the hallway, we screamed simultaneously, scaring ourselves awake.

(That was the grand finale of sleepwalking)

What are the odds of three sleep walkers in the same house?

Yikes it’s like the zombie sleep walker nightmare. Lol


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